Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The baby in the box

Ok, so i was doing aproko surfing the net looking for sales and gist and i stumbled across this story.

A box was buried amid a pile of rubbish waiting to be burned in the incinerator. It was a worn gray card- board shirt box, there was nothing to draw the attention of the people passing by or throwing their gabbage, even the woman who just got to the place. Except that something moved. And moved again. And when the woman poked her toe at the pile, a tiny pink hand rose into the air. The infant girl was no more than 72 hours old. She had been wrapped in a filthy blue blanket and abandoned on the fifth-floor landing of some old building where gabbage are dumped.

Seriously, after i read this story, i was almost in tears. There are millions of couples out there looking for these children but they dont have it, how can one nonesense person wake up one day and not only decided to dump the precious child but in a gabbage home to be burnt. Thank God for using that woman to save the life of that child.

Many of these children if lucky are adopted by kind hearted people who have enough resources to bring them up and for others, their faith lies in hawking, sleeping under the bridge, growing up to be violent etc.

Psalm 127 vs 3 says children are an heritage of the LORD and the fruit of the womb is his reward. vs 4 says Children are like arrows in the hands of a worrior and a man whose quiver is full of them is a blessed man. Common ladies, this word should at least waken your senses to the fact that God that gave you that child will take care of him/her....

I've got some ideas in my tiny head for the end of this year, i'll let you in on the gist very soon.


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  1. u ve got to be kiddin. who is dat yeye woman dat wld do sth as drastic as dat? na wa oh....