Sunday, May 10, 2009


First and foremost, I just want to say thank you for not aborting me or dumping me after birth.

Thank you for being with me all through my growing years.

Thank you for the tears you shed when i was sick or when things were just not right.

Thank you being a friend i could talk to and the wonderful advise you always gave me.

Thank you for spanking me when i was being very rude and naughty.

Thank you for teaching me about God, how to love and care for others without expecting back.

Thank you for the woman you have made me to become today.

Thank you for all those things you have being and done for me and my siblings that i cant remeber.

You are a wonderful gift to us, you a joy to behold, you are a real mother where mothers stand.

Though you are not educated, I'm am more than proud to have you as my sweet mother

like you always say to us: dont look down on me cos i'm not educated, cos what the educated ones dont have, God has richly blessed me with.

You beautiful smile that reveals your dimple i'll never forget and get tired of.

I love you mom, more than gold and silver, more than rubies, fame and fortune.

I haven't seen you in years and i miss you badly.

Today, as we celebrate mother's day,

I just want to wish you the best of mother's day and let the world know i treasure YOU.

Happy mother's day.....

Ok, guys i just had to dedicate today to my mother and happy mother's day to all your moms and to all mothers who come across this page today.


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